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We have witnessed the inspiring interaction between nature and art since the beginning of human society up to the present. A particularly symbolic connection can be experienced between hills and artistic values of high quality.

It is the basic idea behind the fourth early music festival Börzsöny Baroque Days on 23—27 August 2007, organised by Consort Music Foundation. Among the hills of Börzsöny, which formed throughout millions of years, masterpieces of the reneissance and baroque era can be heard in beautiful monument churches. This is where nature and music meet — concerts among hills.

Our festival has grown into an international one: in addition to outstanding Hungarian performers this year we can meet the world-famous representative of vocal culture, the English Hilliard Ensemble. Börzsöny Baroque Days are held in the region ranging from the Danube Bend to the heart of Börzsöny Hills, with the lovely baroque town of Vác as a cultural centre. Perhaps the most beautiful church of this town will serve as the venue of the concert given by the Hilliard Ensemble, a music event of national importance.

With its distinguished programme, Börzsöny Baroque Days will be a remarkable final event of this summer’s Hungarian cultural life. We hope you will be one of our guests, enjoying both the beauty of nature and the concerts given by the renowned performers at our festival.

Imre Lachegyi
recorder artist, festival director

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