Börzsöny Mountains

Börzsöny landscape at Szokolya
Börzsöny landscape at Szokolya

Within a stone’s throw, north of the picturesque Danube Bend, there rises an enchanting and spectacular mountain, Börzsöny. Its centre, the so-called High Börzsöny is one of Hungary’s most intact area, a little jewellery case of the country.

Grassy ridges, rugged andesite towers, deep, shadowy gorges, bubbling streams, crystal-clear springs, wild flowers on lovely meadows surround the dense forests around Csóványos.

Börzsöny is the third highest mountain in Hungary. It is of volcanic origin, which is well preserved in the present form of the mountain. The highest peaks —Csóványos (939 m), Magosfa (916 m), Nagy-Hideghegy (865 m) and Nagy-Inóc (813 m)— are situated on the rim of the crater of the former prehistoric volcano.

With its continuous woods, picturesque villages, three forest railways (Királyrét, Nagybörzsöny and Kemence) it is a very popular tourist destination. The mountain has over 300 springs and the spectacular countryside offers you perfect opportunities for hiking. In winter Nagy-Hideghegy even functions as a ski centre. You will have one of the most beautiful views from Csóványos lookout tower. There are several exciting ruins of ancient fortresses as well (the most important ones are Drégely, Hont, Ipolydamásd and Nógrád).