The venue of the concert: Cistercian Abbey Church (Szuttai dűlő)

Kismaros, Cistercian Abbey Church
Kismaros, Cistercian Abbey Church

The village of Kismaros is situated in the picturesque area at the foot of Börzsöny, opposite Szentendre Island and the Castle Hill of Visegrád. Finds discovered at the Danube bank prove that the area had already been settled in the Roman times and at the time of the early medieval Great Migrations and the holy Crusades.

Kismaros was founded by Greman settlers from Württemberg called in the Danube Bend by Empress Maria Theresa in the 18th century. The settlers’ main occupation was forestry and they were also famous for their excellent wines, the signs of which you can see in the row of cellars near the Catholic church. This single-aisled church with its front façade tower was finished in 1827, joining physical and financial forces of the local people. Until the beginning of the 20th century the population was close-knit ethnic community, preserving their German language and traditions as well as their Catholic religion, which defined the moral and everyday life of the village.

“Boldogasszony Háza” Abbey of Cistercian Nuns

As you stands opposite Gál Hill, on the gently sloping hillside you will see a church built from white stone: the Cistercian Sisters’ Abbey Church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This unostentatious building nestling gently in the landscape as if it had always been there was consecrated in 1999. Its modernity and simplicity radiate the inspiration of ancient monastic churches of the medieval era. The sisters have been living in Kismaros since 1970. The two main pillars of their convent life are prayer and work. With the monastic tradition they continue Christ’s prayer in the Church. In addition, with their tiresome physical work or scientific activity they contribute to the realization of God’s plans about our world. They believe that true love manifests in serving both God and people.