The venue of the concert: Calvinist Church (5 Mányoki utca)

View of Szokolya with the Calvinist Church
View of Szokolya with the Calvinist Church

Located in the heart of the Börzsöny Hills this picturesque settlement is the starting point of hiking trails which lead out in various directions through the range of hills. The educational centre of the Danube—Ipoly National Park (Duna—Ipoly Nemzeti Park) is also located here and organises numerous interesting events.

The history of the region is brought to life by two earthen redoubts, one at the Priest Hill ridge (Pap-hegy), another one at Castle Hill (Vár-hegy) above King’s Meadow (Királyrét).

The village was settled during Árpád Age when chieftain Hont led the first inhabitants here. Located on the fringes of the Turkish-occupied lands, for centuries the village of Szokolya belonged to Léva Castle (Léva-vár) which is now in Slovakia. Kings Sigismund and Albert settled Saxon miners here and consequently iron ore mining and production continued here for centuries, experiencing its glory days between 1778 and 1792. The settlement boasts two famous painters: Ádám Mányoki and János Viski.